Original Edinburgh is a collaborative business improvement project which empowers business to take a leading role in the success of Edinburgh’s iconic Old Town. We work together to deliver a varied package of investment to create a unique cultural, retail and hospitality experience, which optimises the use of our public space, for workers, the local community and visitors.

A steering group made up of a number of businesses based in the Old Town is conducting consultations in the area to explore the level of interest in creating an Old Town BID. Such a BID would have the scale, reach and influence to help shape the policies and decisions which so impact on the economic performance.

It would have the funding and organisational support to initiate and deliver projects that would ensure that this unique place was sufficiently well marketed and maintained to compete with global visitor destinations into the 2020s. 

A consultation period lasting several months began in April. The Steering Group will lead the consultation and make sure that the Business Proposal which emerges truly reflects the priorities identified by you. Your views will be sought on what your issues, concerns and opportunities are. How important is safety and security, litter and street-cleaning, waste and re-cycling?  How important are activities and events, branding and raising awareness?


James McGregor
Chairman, Original Edinburgh