The priorities identified through this dialogue are to:

  1. Create a strong single voice to lobby the City of Edinburgh Council

  2. Provide informative communication on all business-related matters

  3. Improve the quality of experience of the public realm for workers, residents and visitors, as befitting a UNESCO World Heritage status

  4. Promote the Old Town as a place to work, live, visit, study and invest

  5. Create a strong and aspirational identity, sense of ‘place’ and global appeal

  6. Convey a strong message of safety and security for the public on the Old Town

  7. Address anti-social behaviour, particularly in relation to the night time economy, lighting and streetscape

  8. Animate the streets, increase footfall circulation and enhance visitor experience through opportunities like street closures, markets and heritage related events

  9. Support smaller businesses with property enhancement grants

Over the coming months, we will continue to discuss these priorities with businesses, local communities and other partners to develop a detailed business plan. This business plan will be subject to a vote among the businesses contributing to the project in late 2019.